In a world where Luxury and ecological awareness are harmoniously intertwined, an innovative material has emerged, ushering in a new era of industry development
Welcome to the world of APPLE SKIN!
APPLE SKIN is leather — like material made entirely from apples
About us
Our own technology for producing artificial leather is based on apple pulp, With high demands for the environmental friendliness of both production and the final product.

Our mission is to inspire change in the industry by creating innovative materials that transform the world. We have developed an alternative leather that eliminates the need for animal use and reduces the negative impact on the environment. Our material combines high quality, style, and respect for nature, showing that a sustainable approach is the future of the fashion industry.
  • Alternative
    animal skin
    Flexible, breathable, and durable material is an ethical alternative to animal leather. It contains no toxic chemicals, phthalates, or petrochemicals.
  • Environmental friendliness sustainability
    More than just a new material, it's a statement of your commitment to eco-friendliness and sustainability, demonstrating your belonging to the intelligentsia.
  • Unique
    Immerse yourself in the world of APPLE SKIN and discover a wide range of products created using our unique biomaterial. From clothing and footwear to accessories and furniture, APPLE SKIN will accentuate your style and responsibility towards nature.
According to the analytical company Grand View Research, consumer interest in sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives to leather that are animal-free and less damaging to the environment is growing daily
  • 01
    The material is composed of a high proportion of plant-based, renewable, and recycled raw materials: apple remnants, vegetable oils, and natural fibers from agriculture
  • 02
    The use of apple leather aligns with the ethical principles of many consumers. Vegan bio-leather made from apples does not require animal use, making it an attractive choice for those who adhere to a vegan lifestyle or oppose animal exploitation. According to recent estimates, there are 100 million vegans and 800 million vegetarians worldwide
  • 03
    Apple leather is an innovative and unique material that can be used to create clothing, footwear, accessories, furniture, and in automotive manufacturing
High quality, durability, and environmental friendliness
Make the right choice for the future – choose APPLE SKIN
From fashion to interior design, from automobiles to accessories, APPLE SKIN is utilized in various industries, lending familiar items a unique style and ecological value. It can also be used in medical and children's products due to the significant reduction of harmful chemical agents in its composition and production process.

  • The lifetime of the material is up to 10 years.
  • We have the capability to add special or protective properties and smart functions according to your requirements.
  • Our color palette comprises over 100 shades.
Mercedes, Adidas, Hublot, Off-White, BMW and other companies are already using such innovative plant-based biomaterials in their collections
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Tatiana Malofeeva

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our product, please contact us. We are ready to answer all your inquiries and assist you in making the right choice.

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It seems that environmental friendliness is about something distant: polluted oceans, turtles dying from plastic, heaps of garbage accumulating on another continent. But in fact environmental friendliness is closer than it seems. It lies in the conscious choices of our lifestyle, social circle, food, clothing, and psychological well-being, allowing us not to fill the lack of love with unnecessary purchases», - Irina Leonova, CEO of LLC "Biotex"
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General Director of Biotex LLC
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